Babies in Breech


Babies in Breech

A breech position is when baby’s buttocks, feet or both are poised to come out first during birth. As the due date nears, every expectant mother is eager to hear that their baby is in the proper position for delivery. However, some will hear that their baby is "breech" or in a feet-first presentation. When a baby is breech, doctors must either try to turn the baby headfirst in the weeks before birth or perform a cesarean section for safe delivery. Thankfully, there is an easier more effective way to treat this condition! Find your nearest Webster certified chiropractor!

The Webster technique is an alternative and more conservative option than the external cephalic procedure doctors traditionally use to turn the baby's head down, and the results speak for themselves. Case Studies are reporting a 82% success rate of Webster technique for correcting breech presentation. With these results, undesired C-sections that result due to breech presentation can be avoided. Contact New Life Health & Wellness today to learn more. 


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